It’s that time of year when most of our customers’ vessels are being brought ashore for winter for their annual maintenance, which is good practice to lessen the chance of unexpected repair costs, keep the boat in tip top condition and help retain its resale value. It enables potential problems to be detected forthwith and is a good opportunity to set to on bigger projects and upgrades.

Engine servicing and winterising should be carried out before vessels are brought ashore and Stuart (our Engineer who specialises in this work) is making good headway with this schedule of work.

Once vessels are ashore routine tasks such as polishing, waxing, stripping, repainting, sail repair, cleaning and anti-fouling can be done. Our yard team can take care of all of these jobs for you.

Our winter storage package includes: slipping, pressure washing, regular inspection of shores and wedges and re-launching. Inspections of the deck and cockpit are made on a monthly basis and an internal inspection can also be arranged.

It is company policy that masts are unstepped on vessels coming ashore unless owners provide a cradle.

Winter covers can be fitted and removed, however the covers and fixings must be approved by the Marina’s yard team.

If you haven’t already submitted your winter laying-up requirements, there’s still time to send these to [email protected]

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